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Research projects
Strenghtening e-inclusion and e-accessibility across Europe (eInclusion@EU) -European programme Information Society Technologies, sixth RTD framework programme (2004-2006)

The purposes of this project are to identify problems and opportunities for digital inclusion across Europe and to stimulate an informed dialogue among all stakeholders concerned by e-inclusion.

The project consortium is led by Empirica, a German consultancy specialised into sociopolitical research on ICT. Other public or private research centres are associated in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom, as well as a network of correspondants in EU-25. The Work & Technology Research Centre of FTU is the Belgian partner of the project (Januari 2004 to December 2006).

Results and publications

The final report of the European project "Strenghtening e-inclusion and e-accessibility across Europe" was published in June 2007. It concerns three main topics: e-accessibility; access to employment; acess to online public services (e-government, e-health and e-learning). eInclusion@EU is a 2004-2006 project for the programme Information Society Technologies, under the 6th framework programme for RTD of the European Union. FTU was partner of the project and is co-author of the final report.

The final report (PDF) is downloadable from this site. The project web site does not exist anymore.



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