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Reports and articles in the area "Changes in work", in English or other languages

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Gérard Valenduc and Patricia Vendramin
Work in the digital economy: sorting the old from the new

Working Paper 2016.03
European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), Brussels, 2016 (58 pp.)

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Downloadable (PDF)

ETUI cover

Patricia Vendramin and Gérard Valenduc
A gender perspective on older workers' employment and working conditions

Working Paper 2014.03
European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), Brussels, 2014 (66 pp.)
ISSN 1994-4446-Print / 1994-4454-Online

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Sustainable work & ageing

Patricia Vendramin, Gérard Valenduc (FTU), Anne-Françoise Molinié, Serge Volkoff (Centre d'études de l'emploi, Paris), Michel Ajzen, Evelyne Léonard (UCL)
Sustainable work and the ageing workforce

Eurofound - European foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions (Dublin)
Report EF1266, decembre 2012

Downloadable from the Eurofound web site (5.5Mo, 104 pages)

Occupations and ageing at work

Patricia Vendramin and Gérard Valenduc
Occupations and ageing at work
An analysis of the findings of the fifth European Working Conditions Survey

Working Paper 2012.09
European Trade Union Institute (ETUI), Brussels, 2010 (48 pp.)
ISSN 1994-4446-Print / 1994-4454-Online

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Quality of work BE

Tom Vandenbrande, Sem Vandekerckhove, Patricia Vendramin, Gérard Valenduc, Rik Huys, Geert Van Hootegem, Isabelle Hansez, Christophe Vanroelen, Vanessa Puig-Barrachina, Kim Bosmans & Hans De Witte
Quality of work and employment in Belgium

Analysis of the Belgian results of the fifth European Working Conditions Survey (Eurofound, EWCS 2010)
Report for the Fedral Public Service of Employment
KU Leuven - FTU - VUB - ULg

Full report and summary downloadable in English on the SPF Employment web site (also in French and Dutch)

Changing careers and trajectories

Gérard Valenduc, Patricia Vendramin (FTU), Marcello Pedaci, Mariangela Piersanti (IRES)
Changing careers and trajectories. How individuals cope with organisational change and restructuring
March 2009 (76 pp.)

Publication of the European project WORKS

Published by HIVA (KU Leuven)

ISBN 978-90-8836-012-1


Generations at work

Vendramin Patricia (editor, FTU), Belit S. (IAW), Bureau M.C. (CEE), Carvalho S. (CIS), Castro P. (CIS), Cultiaux J. (FTU), Damhuis L. (FTU), Davoine L. (CEE), Delay B. (CEE), Franco M.T. (FRPS), Füleki K. (MTA-PTI), Greco S. (FRPS), Grützmacher N. (IAW), Lebano A. (FRPS), Méda D. (CEE), Monaco M. (SDA), Nogal A. (CIS), Passos A. (CIS), Polyacskó O. (MTA-PTI), Ponzellini A.M. (FRPS), Richter G. (IAW), Soares C. (CIS), Vajda J. (MTA-PTI), Valenduc G. (FTU), Wang M. (CEE), Zoll-Grubert E. (IAW)

Changing social patterns of relation to work - Final synthesis report
SPReW project, October 2008.

Other SPReW reports downloadable from the project web site

How restructuring is changing occupations

Gérard Valenduc, Patricia Vendramin (FTU), Bettina-Johanna Krings, Linda Nierling (ITAS)
How restructuring is changing occupations. Case study evidence from knowledge-intensive, manufacturing and service occupations
September 2008 (198 pp.)

Publication of the European project WORKS

Published by HIVA (KU Leuven)

ISBN 978-90-8836-004-6

First SPReW Report

Patricia Vendramin (editor) - Contributions from Bureau M.C., Castro P., Cultiaux J., Davoine L., Delay B., Füleki K., Grützmacher N., Knop A., Méda D., Nogal A., Passos A., Polyacskó O., Ponzellini A.M., Richter G., Vajda J., Valenduc G., Vendramin P., Wong M., Zoll R., Zoll-Grubert E.

Generational approach to the social patterns of relation to work (SPReW): state of the art of current research

SPReW Report, Series “EU research on social sciences and humanities”, EUR 22702ISBN 978-92-79-04874-6
European Commission, Brussels, 2007

Valenduc G., Vendramin P., Guffens C. (FTU), Ponzellini A.M., Lebano A. (FRPS), D'Ouville L., Collet I. (ANACT), Wagner I., Birbaumer A., Tolar M. (TUW), Webster J. (RCWE)
Widening Women's Work in Information and Communication Technologies
Final synthesis report, European Commission (IST-2001-34520), July 2004 (148 pp.)

Downloadable (PDF 736 kb) or paper version on request by e-mail.

Other WWW-ICT reports downladable from the project web site

FLEXCOT final report

Vendramin P., Valenduc G., Rolland I. (FTU), Richardson R., Gillespie A., Belt V. (CURDS), Carré D., Maugéri S., Combès Y. (LabSIC), Ponzellini A., Pedersini R., Neri S. (Fond. Seveso), Flexible work practices and communication technology, Report for the European Commission, SOE1-CT97-1064, DG XII, Brussels, 2000.

You can download:

STOA Flexibility final report

Gillespie A., Richardson R., Valenduc G., Vendramin P., Technology induced atypical work-forms, report for the Office of technology assessment of the European Parliament (STOA), Brussels, April 1999.

European Parliament, STOA documentation centre.
You can download:

  • the executive summary (5 pages, HTML)
  • the full final report (164 pages, Acrobat PDF)


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Online on Google Books (read only)
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Vendramin P., Age diversity and intergenerational relations at the workplace, Fourth Conference "Young People and Societies in Europe and arround the Mediterranean", Forli, 26-38 March 2009. Downloadable.
Vendramin P., Valenduc G., Restructuring in organisations and changes in occupational groups, in "Sociological Problems", Sofia (BG), 2007.
Valenduc G., Vendramin P., Work organisation and skills in ICT professions: the gender dimension (Downloadable), Conference "ICT, the knowledge society and changes in work", Den Haag, June 2005
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Downloadable (Acrobat PDF)

Valenduc G., Vendramin P., Telework and non-standard ways of working, in the Proceedings of the conference "Telework strategies for the new workforce", International Flexwork Forum, Tokyo, Sept. 1999, pp. 40-49.
Valenduc G., Vendramin P., A social approach to flexibility in distance working, in Suomi R. & al. (Eds.) Teleworking Environments, University of Turku (Finland), Sept. 1998, pp. 230-244.
Vendramin P., Valenduc G., Networking in services: organisational and professional changes, in Clement A., Kolm P., Wagner I. (Eds), Networking: connecting workers in and between organizations, Proceedings of the IFIP Networking Conference, Vienna, June 1993, edited by North Holland, 1994, pp. 213-220.

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