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Reports and articles in the area "Technology, innovation and society", in English or other languages

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OPUS Report

Felt U. (Editor), Castro P., Chavot P., Erlemann M., Gonçalves M.E., Kasperowski D., Masseran A., Nolin J., Nunes J.A., Obi-Nwagwu A.U., Stein J., Stevens D., Valenduc G., Vendramin P.
Opening public understanding of science and technology - Final report
European Commission, June 2003


Valenduc G., Vendramin P, Building a bridge between research programmes and the needs of society, PD4-01 report for the European programme VALUE / Interfaces for Innovation, Luxembourg, Dec. 1995 [ISBN 2-930062-08-8].


Patris C., Valenduc G., Warrant F., Technological innovation fostering sustainable development, in SSTC/DWTC, Levers for a sustainable development policy, Brussels, 2002, pp. 95-114.
Valenduc G., Trade unions as agents of environmental awareness : outcomes from the RISE project, in Hildebrandt E., Lorentzen B., Schmidt E., "Towards a sustainable worklife", Hans Böckler Stiftung, Edition Sigma, Berlin, 2001.
Downloadable (Acrobat PDF)
Vendramin P., Valenduc G., TA and the Regions : the Walloon experiment of EMERIT, in Technikfolgenabschätzung, Theorie und Praxis, Karlsruhe, vol. 11 nr 2, Juli 2002.
Warrant F., Valenduc G., Innovation in services : a set of criteria to compare innovation support policies, in International Journal of Services Technology and Management, Indersciences, vol. 3 n°3, 2002.

Valenduc G., Medio ambiente y empleo en una sociedad sustentable, in Más allá del crecimiento: políticas e instituciones para la sustentabilidad, Proceedings of the Biennal Congress of the International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE), Santiago de Chile, November 1998.
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Valenduc G., Vendramin P., Science, technological innovation and sustainable development, in the Proceedings of the Conference Science for a Sustainable Society, Roskilde (DK), Oct. 1997.
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Valenduc G., Vendramin P., Social prospective of technological change: a method for T.A. in social relations, in Technology and Democracy, Proceedings of the third European Conference on Technology Assessment (ECTA-3), Vol II, pp. 466-477, Copenhagen, Nov. 1992.
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